This week we're chatting with friend of Mayfield, Sammy Veall. Sammy is the founder of Yoga 213, a vibrant and dynamic yoga studio based in Melbourne. Sammy has also recently returned to painting after a number of years, creating colourful Mexican inspired works from her art studio in Brunswick. Most recently she packed up her possessions and hit the road with her partner to travel around Australia, living the dream! 

Sammy wears Ryder t-shirt, Friends with Frank Mimi Jacket, Elka Collective jeans 


Hi Sammy! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, can you tell us a bit about you?  

I love cooking, swimming in the ocean and spending time with my partner, Critter, and our dog, Tilly. I am passionate, laid back, and like to feel free. 

Tell us a little bit about what you do?  

I am currently painting most days, a love that I have come back to after many years. I paint in oil in my little art studio at the Brunswick Street Gallery. I also own a yoga studio called Yoga 213 which is on Swan Street in Richmond. I teach yoga there every week. 



Yoga 213 in Richmond  


Tell us a little bit about your home/interior style?

I love earthy tones with pops of colour, paired with natural fibres and materials like wood, tiles and rattan. I don’t like things to be too "matchy"; my personal theme is beach, country and a Mexican vibe all mixed in together!  

Do you have daily routine? 

Every morning I have a cup of tea, and journal. Then I dry skin brush, and scrape my tongue - both of these activities are Ayurvedic rituals. I then pick up a soy chai from my favourite coffee shop just around the corner from my house, Blonde, and walk Tilly to the Edinburgh Gardens. I then spend the rest of the morning doing yoga work before heading to my art studio to paint for the afternoon. But let’s be honest … it’s not always like that! Sometimes I run around like a headless chook. 


 Sammy's studio in Brunswick featuring her Ace of Something fedora 

What's inspiring you lately?   

I recently read a beautiful book called The One Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared. I recommend it! I’ve also been listening to lots of Spanish, Mexican and African music which inspires me when I paint. I also just finished watching The Queens Gambit on Netflix a few nights ago - very good!  

The past 12 months have been crazy for everyone but do you have any goals for this year? 

I want to travel around Australia with my partner, which I am doing right now! And I hope to have an art exhibition filled with Mexican men, fish and flowers by the end of the year at Brunswick Street Gallery.  

We love to support local at Mayfield, what are some of your favourite local businesses?   

I love my local cafe, Blonde on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy and CIBI on Keele street, Collingwood. Inner States, founded by our yoga studio manager Lucy, stocks a beautiful range of bath salts, incense and essential oils that I love ❤️. 


Ryder G'day t-shirt 

What clothing items are you loving at the moment?   

I bought an old yellow Harley Davidson oversized t-shirt in Byron Bay a few weeks ago and I think I’ve worn it 5 days this week! I alternate it with my Ryder t-shirt which is also so comfortable. 

My Ace of Something fedora has come in very handy for beach days and bush walks on our travels. 

What’s one item you would love to add to your wardrobe? 

I love the Merry People boots that Annie has just started stocking at Mayfield. I'll definitely need to get a pair when I return from my trip for cold and wet Melbourne weather. 


Merry People Bobbi Ankle Gumboots 

And finally, something you couldn’t live without?  

Warm drinks. I have five a day! 



Follow Sammy's art and travel adventures via @veallart