This week we chat with the gorgeous Sammi Waters who is the founder and creative brains behind The WW co., a lifestyle label that creates a range of personalised storage and other beautiful items (some exciting new products are also on the way – stay tuned!)
Sammi wears a Friends with Frank coat and Superga sneakers
Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Sammi! So tell us … what's it like being Annie's sister-in-law? 
Being Annie's sister in law is an absolute privilege … ha ha! I am sure she would say the same about me. I am super lucky to have Annie living in Geelong with me as all of my family live in Melbourne.
Both Annie & I share a passion for fashion and interiors which is always a focal point in our conversations, I feel much more relaxed living away from my immediate family knowing that I have Annie and my other in-laws close by. It certainly also helps when one of them owns a gorgeous retail shop that is just around the corner from me, too!
The WW co. baskets 
Tell us about The WW co.? How did it all come about? 
The WW co. was born from my desire for practical storage solutions with design consideration. With my background in furniture and passion for interiors as well as two young children I noticed a lack of stylish, functional storage options. I came across these baskets made in Morocco a long time ago and decided to bring this product to life in Australia. The "WW" stands for “women weaving”. The baskets are handmade by local women in Morocco and we then personalise them here in Australia (thanks to the very talented Jo at Hooray Hoop!). Not only are they a great product for yourself and your home but also a fantastic personalised gift for all ages. I love seeing all the different names and colours come together, ready for their new homes.
How has your home adapted during this pandemic? 
It hasn't really! We recently purchased a new home though, which will have more space - settlement couldn't come any faster! I have decluttered to help clean up after our kids, the baskets really help with having an organised home for each toy, you can label them with whatever you want, for example ‘Lego’, ‘Cars’, ‘Pencils’, ‘Blocks’ etc. I use the large baskets as laundry baskets for the whole family and they honestly make laundry a more enjoyable process. But like everyone, we are looking forward to this pandemic being over.
What are you most excited about doing when life returns to normal?
I am most excited about meeting my brand-new niece, Sybil, who lives in Melbourne. Luckily, I have had Teddy (Annie’s son) here in Geelong to cuddle until the restrictions lift!
We love local recommendations, any hot tips you’d like to share?  
I love to keep active with the best fitness trainer in Geelong – Sarah McCarthy of Wellness with Sarah! I will usually add on a few runs in between her sessions if I can move…!

Sammi in her Superga sneakers  and Elka Collective Dakota Trench 


And what about any favourite cafés or restaurants in Geelong? 

Yes! I have a few that I love for different things. Coffee always at my local, Bottles & Barrels with the best barista Madie. I love the porridge at Pakington Pantry, cocktails at The Arborist and I highly rate Centra Hotel for some really good Italian!
Yum! All sounds delicious. We’ve also heard that you don’t mind whipping things up in the kitchen, what have you been cooking lately?
I am definitely a lady of variety; I hate sticking to the same meal because I get so over it. I recently cooked the most delicious Asian braised beef short rib on a bed of rice with a side of broccolini. My husband (Annie's brother) has requested that again for tonight.
Sammi wears the Bypias Slouchy Jumper in beige (in-store only) and G by Georgia Baillieu Safari Scarf
Spring is just around the corner and summer is on the way! How do you like to spend the warmer months?
We are going to enjoy the new house with our swimming pool and hopefully by the summer we will be able to head to my family's holiday house in Metung. The kids love going out on the boat and driving around on the four-wheeler. My dad owns the Metung Hotel which is also handy for a few free G&T's … thanks Dad!
Sammi wears the Chalice Knot Tie Front Shirt in white 
Sounds so fun! And finally, let’s talk clothes! We love having you pop into Mayfield regularly, what are some of your favourite labels?
Elka Collective & Superga would be my two top favourites at Mayfield, I love the timeless vibe that they both entail. I am not a super feminine dresser, but I love how all of the Elka Collective pieces are simple but also on trend. I think my sister-in-law is very talented in how she goes about buying, she stocks for such a wide range of buyers making the store appealing to so many (aww thanks Sammi!). | @the_ww_co